Thursday 19 June 2014


I have recently made a few additions to my small collection of flowering plants. I don't do this very often. I'm not one to splurge large amounts of cash on a whole trolley-load of plants. I generally buy just the odd one now and then. Unusually I have bought three in the last 10 days!

This one has been on my wishlist for ages. It's Dahlia "Bishop of Llandaff".

I just love the contrast between the bright red flowers and the sombre purple/black foliage.

I chose this particular specimen from all the ones on offer because it has several stems, not just one, and each one already has a bud, so I should get a good display fairly soon.

A few days previously, I had bought this Coreopsis "Sunfire" at West Green House.

And the third of the trio of newcomers is this red Geranium "Samelia", which I bought for a mere £2 at a Food Fair last weekend in nearby Petersfield.

You will have noticed that all these plants are in pots, rather than in the borders. This is my normal way of doing things. It means that I can move things around at will, and make sure I have the colour I want where I want it, when I want it. Two of the three are now outside the front door of our house, and the Dahlia is currently just outside the "French Window" door from our Living Room, in a place where I can see it from my favourite chair.

I thought you might like to see the arrangement I use to ensure we have always got a nice plant right outside our front door. I have sunk a large pot into the ground, so that its lip is level with the surface.

Then I put a potted plant inside the empty pot - instant colour. And I can change it any time I like, very easily.

Since I'm writing about pots, what do you think of these recent acquisitions?

They are real terracotta - hand-made in "South Asia" (wherever that may be). Height 10"; diameter 9". The brand name is "Sahal", which is apparently the Urdu word for "hive" and the pots are fired in a traditional kiln which is shaped like an old-fashioned beehive. One of the things I like about these pots is that every one is unique. You can see that I chose two that are completely different colours.

And then there are these:-

These ones are destined to host a couple of Blueberry plants - ones which have outgrown their current pots. They are 14" in diameter at the lip. I'll not do the re-potting until after the Blueberries have been harvested, but I thought  it was sensible to buy the pots when I saw them. You know how it is: you say you'll buy them later, and when you go back for them the stock has run out. They were also on a "Buy One Get One Free" offer, which may have influenced my decision a bit! Right now they are very pale, but I expect they will darken when they get moist compost inside them.


  1. I put Coreopsis "Sunfire" in my garden last year. This year I split it and expanded its spot. I'm hoping for a nice big patch of it. At my last house I had the more subtle Moonbeam. But I figured this one was nice and bright for my townhouse mate. She always wants everything to look like my patch of zinnias. I try to explain that perennials are different, but she doesn't really listen.

  2. I usually have red geraniums outside my back door, I think they're really welcoming flowers. Mine are just about to burst in to bloom. I love terracotta pots, especially those first ones you've bought. I think your geranium would have looked lovely in one of them.

    1. Jo, you are absolutely right. Those tall terracotta pots are ideal for Geraniums. They would look very "Mediterranean". Maybe I'll have to get some more...!

  3. Your new pots look great, very rustic & yes Geraniums will look good in them.

  4. I love the Coreopsis "Sunfire" it`s on my list now

  5. We have the Bishop but it isn't flowering yet. Interestingly the slugs don't like the bronze foliage.

  6. Mark, so good to see you are introducing flowers in your garden. They provide some splashes of color and interest and I vote for more geraniums in those new pots.


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