Thursday 30 May 2013

The garden looks better in the sunshine

Well, in my opinion, everything looks better in the sunshine! Here in NE Hants we have been really lucky with Bank Holiday weekend weather so far this year. The May Day holiday weekend was perfect, and this past weekend (the Late Spring Bank Holiday) has been great too. How did that happen? Normally Bank Holidays are cold, wet and windy.

Just to prove my point, I'm posting today some photos taken that weekend,  of plants with sunshine on them.

Thyme "Archer's Gold"

This fern is in its element - dappled sunshine

When that fern opens up fully, it will look like this:

Tulips - nearly over now, but still colourful

Asparagus - here pretending to be a sun-dial


Herbs - mostly Sage and Chives

Red-veined Sorrel

Bronze Fennel


  1. We had a sunny bank holiday too but I must admit I find that plant colours seem to show up better in photos when the sun isn't shining but you don't get the play of light and shadow!

  2. I love that asparagus photos, really great shadow :-) We've had the sunny weekends too, but miserable weekdays. I guess some sunshine is better than none though.

  3. Oh that asparagus! Such a perfect picture. More sunshine please. Lest we forget!

  4. I think everyone had some sun for bank holiday, thankfully.

  5. It certainly does but we're not seeing enough sunshine so far this year....more please!

  6. Brilliant photographs Mark. I really like the Thyme reflecting the sunlight and it looks great against the blue of the pot.

  7. The sun has definitely reached us here. Love the pictures, very nice.

  8. I really like the sage and chive photo. Sunny days are great too and hoping we will get more of them!

  9. Those strawberry flowers look so lovely. Mine have all finished flowering. I do have Johnny-jump-ups that are flowering and taking over the strawberry bed. I really need to pull them more, but I hate ripping them up as they are so pretty.

  10. No sun here for a while but warm and wet... Funny how the seasons differ between here and there. You get a much earlier start but "spring" seems to last much longer. Tulips here only last 2-3 weeksand are long gone. Glad you got some sun.

  11. Beautiful photos Mark...we've been in the grip of a thunderstorm for the past 24 hours so it's lovely to see the sun again.
    I agree I think everything looks better in sunlight ;D
    Have a hopefully sun filled weekend!


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