Tuesday 28 May 2013

Some plants LIKE rain

All plants need a certain amount of light and water in order to live. Generally though, most of them prefer a little rainfall and a lot of sunshine. Because of this there are a lot of disappointed plants around at present! There are a couple of exceptions to the rule however, such as potatoes.

My potato plants are looking really luxuriant at present, with tall, thick bright green foliage:

I grow all my potatoes in pots and containers of some sort, which can dry out rapidly. I often have to water them every day at this time of year. But not this year. They are loving the cool, wet conditions.

Since we are on the subject of potatoes, let me report that my Pink Fir Apple ones have finally made an appearance, seen here through the anti-badger defences:-

It's early days yet, and since these are a Main Crop variety I know I have a long time to wait. Unfortunately, it seems highly likely that we are going to get another cold wet Summer, so I wouldn't be surprised to find Blight being a big problem this year.

I often have difficulty producing good Radishes, because they don't like my dry sandy soil, and bolt at the slightest excuse, but this year they are doing much better than usual.

Last year we had much more rainfall that normal, but one crop particularly thrived on the wet conditions - Runner Beans. I had my best year ever for Runners. They produced a huge crop. So you have to think positive. I always grow Runner Beans anyway, so even if we get wetter conditions than most plants would like I'll still get a good harvest of something.

P.S. Remember my daughter Fiona's potato-patch in Ornex, France, that I helped to prepare?

Well, here it is now. She has planted potatoes...

She's a real "Chip off the old block", that girl!


  1. Having got back to the countryside from 2 weeks away the stuff that's grown is phenomenal. We almost may be harvesting some soon. Rain is good... and a little sunshine too please x

  2. I don't mind the rain as long as there is a bit of sun during the week to balance it out. My potatoes are enjoying the rain too.

  3. It has been fairly we here this year too. Our lake is actually up as high as I ever remember it being. It has been low for over 10 years now. Too bad my garden will have to move soon. I have some good tomatoes and peppers coming and the thyme and oregano came back. I don't know how everything will do once I move it.

  4. Wouldn't I love to have a potato patch like your daughter's?? I grow mine in pots too but they dry out fast so I need to water them often. But that's in winter, the season we grow potatoes here.

    The taste of the asparagus (in your last post) must have been heavenly. I had them for the first time only recently. I loved it!

  5. Last year our outdoor cucumbers seemed to thrive in the wet conditions!

  6. I did a lot of planting out at the weekend so this rain is quite welcome to get everything well soaked, but I would prefer it not to last all summer, thank you very much.

  7. Mark, "Chip off the old block" ? ...Surely you must mean 'slip off the old tater,' smiles...

  8. Runner beans may do well in rain, but mine aren't germinating in the cold. It's been a problem with all my beans this year. I think I'll have to transplant the ones which have germinated and plug the holes by sowing some seeds direct. Your potatoes are looking good.

  9. Love to see your effort to grow variety of vegetables. And, successfully too. Well done, Mark. Lack of space was never your excuse not to try to grow all kind of vegetables.

  10. Good looking potato plants!
    Lovely radishes!
    Glad to see your daughter's garden growing.
    Here in the US it seems we went from Winter to Summer so fast we hardly had Spring. Spring was so cold my radishes were slow to germinate. Now Summer's heat is beginning, the few that came up are already bolting. But my Runner Beans are looking really good!
    Happy Gardening!
    Lea's Menagerie
    Mississippi, USA

  11. Your potatoes are looking wonderful, and those radishes absolutely gorgeous.
    I do hope we don't get another wet cold summer, I harvested very little last year because of it so am trying to grow as much as possible in the greenhouse this time.xxxx

  12. Mark, your spud plants do look so healthy and lush.. We have just prepared our beds ready for potato planting, but really do need a drop of regular rain here down under, it has been such a dry (warm) Autumn. This is the 1st year I've grown radishes and was delighted with my first pickings last weekend. Winter starts on Saturday for us, but lots of crops still able to be grown all throughout the cooler seasons, even lettuce!
    You send us some rain, I'll send you some sun......

  13. Potatoes do like the rain don't they? I often under water my spuds and have disappointing results. One day I shall be more diligent...

  14. Looking good, we're experiencing a lot of rain at the moment but many of the crops seem to love it. You daughter's plot looks great!

  15. Your daughters potatoes are looking good,I also have really good radishes this year.Shame it can't just rain at night and be sunny in the day though!!!

  16. Its great to see that your daughter is growing potatoes. It will be interesting to see if she gets a better yield, maybe from the better weather??


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