Friday 16 November 2012

Small, but beautifully formed...

I'm sure you know that my garden is not given to producing large quantities of anything (except possibly Runner Beans), so it probably won't surprise you to hear that I have today harvested ONE turnip!

This little beauty is a "Golden Ball". It is the first of only six, growing in a black plastic container on my patio. Hopefully the others will eventually grow to this size too.

As you can see, the turnip was harvested at the same time as the main heads of two "Matsuri" miniature broccoli.

Again, they are (intentionally) small, since they have been bred for growing as "patio veg" in small containers, but I think you will agree that they look pretty respectable too. Each one of these is about the right size for a single-person serving.

I think the turnip will have to be combined with other veg (maybe carrots and parsnips) to make a viable serving, but I'm expecting it to score well in taste terms, even if not in volume.

If ever there was the need to prove that growing veg in small containers is both possible and worthwhile, I think this provides it!

Finally, just to prove that I can occasionally grow Parsley, here is a picture of some... (Not on a par with Liz's,[Suburban Tomato] I'm afraid, but not bad by my standards.)


  1. Hooray, enjoy your fine turnip.

    Ours didn't germinate this year, will pay more attention next spring!

  2. I'd say smallness, in a turnip, is a virtue.

  3. It is so much better than the parsley I grew this year. Mine died pretty early on. I never got any harvest. I'm switching varieties next year. Hopefully I'll find one that does well here.

  4. I'm hoping my parsley is happy over winter in our cold greenhouse although we have some outside too. It's been slow to grow this year - but what's new?

  5. Even growing perfect portions you are clever Mark!
    I think they're much more appealing this size.

    My parlsey has just decided to put a spurt on too so I'm happy.
    Mint looks a tad under par thanks to my son not remembering to water whilst we were away...ho hum! :$

    Enjoy your Sunday!


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