Saturday, 27 November 2010

A visit to the Lake District

This weekend we are in Golborne, near Warrington, in the North-West of England, visiting Jane's mother. Today we decided to make an excursion to Grasmere in the Lake District. The real object of the exercise was to visit the Wordsworth Daffodil Garden, adjacent to Grasmere church, in the graveyard of which is buried the famous poet William Wordsworth. A couple of years ago a memorial garden was created just outside the churchyard, planted with lots and lots of daffodils. A path goes round the garden, and this is constructed of hundreds of  paving stones which are memorials dedicated by family members to a deceased relative -- in a sense acting as a non-religious headstone. Last year we arranged such a memorial for Jane's father, Edward France, who died about 10 years ago. Today's visit was the first time any of us had seen the stone, so it was an emotional moment. We had to scrape the ice and snow off a few stones before we found the right one, but this is what it looks like:

The weather today was perfect for a trip to the Lakes -- cold, but bright and clear, with sunshine and blue sky. There was a thin layer of snow on the ground and the countryside looked absolutely lovely.

Here are some pictures of the Grasmere area...

Grasmere church

Of course for us no trip to Grasmere is complete without a visit to the famous gingerbread shop...

I won't attempt to describe their product to anyone who hasn't experienced it (and the recipe is a closely-guarded secret anyway). Let me just say that it is a bit like a sticky, gingery biscuit. Those of you who HAVE tried it will no doubt support my view that it is a very special confection.


  1. I'm regret that I missed the opportunity to visit the Lake district 20 years ago!
    I remember I went to Edinburgh for seeing the Edinburgh Castle and its fortress and I would have moved to the district but I missed the train bound for there!
    If I have an opportunity to go to England, I make dead sure that I'll go to the district!

  2. The Lakes look even more beautiful with the snow on the ground. I've never been in winter, must put that on my list of things to do.

  3. My sister, a friend and I drove through the Lakes District about 20 years ago, in Winter. Your photos brought back lovely memories, thankyou.

    I like the idea of a path made of memorial stones. I don't suppose the daffodils were flowering yet.

  4. The Grasmere area looks really beautiful. I'm curious what the gingerbread looked like? (or have you eaten it??? Gingerbread is really yummy. My grandmother used to make large homemade gingerbread cookies, they were so good.

  5. Dad, this is a wonderful post and the pictures today are amazing. Wish I'd been there

  6. I've never been to the Lake District, except passing through by train - Kendal station gives a tantalising glimpse. It must be lovely to visit off-season and have more space to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  7. Looking at the amazing photos, I can feel the quietness there. Combine that with the aroma of gingerbread and what could be more pleasant. Good post!

  8. Got a google alert and went to have a look... what wonderful photographs of your garden - very impressed - made me want to grow my own vegetables, but not very green fingered! Although my fingers are very quick at wrapping Gingerbread! I learnt to wrap when I was counter high and can probably do it with my eyes shut now! Absolutely beautiful day in Grasmere today with snow and sunshine! Off to Carlisle tomorrow to do a Christmas market and have Saturday kitchen coming to film on Thursday - always plenty of interesting things happening at the Gingerbread Shop. Got lots of wedding orders for this weekend.
    Thanks again for your lovely comments and pics.
    Joanne Wilson, of the Grasmere Gingerbread Shop family X

  9. Hi Joanne; How lovely to hear from you! I don't know if it was a member of your family, or an employee who served me in the shop last Saturday, but whoever it was will probably remember me -- it was me who brought in the elderly lady in the wheelchair. We're enjoying your gingerbread as much as we normally do (which is a lot!). Wish your shop was local to us.


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