Monday, 29 November 2010

My Broccoli is sad

Last week I proudly displayed some pictures of my Purple Sprouting Broccoli, looking very healthy and vigorous. Today the PSB is looking sad and droopy -- huddled-up trying (unsuccessfully) to keep warm.

If I didn't know better, I would say that it looked finished, but experience tells me that this plant is very hardy and will survive temperatures much lower than the -5 we are enduring today. It even manages to look nice in its frosty "makeup"...

And how about this for a novel Christmas decoration? I lifted out a piece of ice that had formed in a fold of one of my plastic mini-greenhouses. I thought it looked a little bit like a Christmas tree - or more plausibly a snow-topped mountain!

This is what the top of the coldframe looked like this morning (living up to its name...)

Ice patterns looking like feathery ferns...

Finally, here's a general view of the patch of open ground opposite our drive. I just though it looked "atmospheric" in the morning sunlight...


  1. That made me feel cold just looking at your photos! That last one is lovely, with the last autumn leaves lit up by the low sun. Love your frosted ferns patterns too!

  2. gorgeous view across from your house!

  3. Brrrr! Glad I live where I live!

  4. I hope that your broccoli survived freeze. But it looks very pretty like this. Did it started to grow any flower heads?

  5. Hi Hort; I had to think carefully about what you meant... I didn't remember posting anything recently about ferns! What do you think of my "mountain" ice sculpture???


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