Monday, 15 November 2010

Queen of the Swans

A couple of weeks ago (7 Nov 2010) I wrote about the amazing painting of a Mallard drake that my blogging friend Egretta Wells of Florida, USA, had produced, drawing her inspiration from a photograph I had taken. Now I am pleased to report that she has at my invitation repeated this arrangement by reproducing in paint a likeness of a magnificent swan photographed by my wife Jane on her holiday in Turkey in October.

Here is the original photograph (a truly stunning photo, Jane!):

Jane's photo

And here is Egretta's charming painting which she has entitled "Regal Swan":

Egretta's painting

I think you will agree with me that Egretta has done another very fine piece of work! I just love the shadow of the swan's neck, and the reflection in the water, and the ripples at the top right, and....

Egretta's blog is  -- if you haven't yet visited it, I think you should...


  1. Mark, hi,
    lovely blog, very nice photos, we share our interest in gardening, it also brings me back to the years I spent in England.

    Although I live in Greece the weather here in the mountains very much resembles the english weather so it might be easier to keep up with the gardening tasks by following your blog.

    Left you a comment on your mushroom post.

  2. Hi Mariza; Thanks for the flattering comments! I do my best to entertain my blog's visitors. Where did you live when you were in England? Was it anywhere near where I am (about 50km South of London). And where in Greece do you live -- is it by any chance near Attiki?

  3. I lived all over southern england, Cranfield, Bristol, Portsmouth and Reading. I must have driven past Fleet while exploring beautiful Hampshire although my favourite place were the Cotswolds.

    Attiki is where Athens is but no I don't live in Attiki but 250 km NW of Athens. Here is my town by a friend at 3000 ft altitude and very much an alpine scenery in the heart of mainland Greece.

    It's been over a decade since I left the uk so I'm getting a bit nostalgic and your blog reminded me of all the things I liked amd I miss.

  4. Hi Mariza; Ah! I see the connection now. I have visited Ellada's website a few times, but I didn't realise you were a friend of her's. My traffic-analyser has shown me receiving several visits from Greece recently, including one frequent visitor from Attica (presumably Athens then. Do you have a blog of your own?

  5. Thank you, Mark, for posting my painting of the swan. Jane's photo was such an inspiration and putting my own touch to the painting was so gratifying.
    Every day I admire your blog!


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