Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Tomatoes' Last Stand

A couple of months ago I was inundated with tomatoes (not that I'm complaining). Today I decided to record for posterity the absolute last of my tomato crop - a very small bowlful of tiny fruits that represent all that remains of the great mass that I brought into the house in early October. This just goes to show that tomato fruits will eventually ripen, no matter how immature they may seem when harvested - you just have to be patient.

Not many; not good specimens, but I'm proud of them!

At lunchtime today we used some of the tomato sauce that we made when the tomato crop was at its height, adding it to some shop-bought tortellini. I have to say that the tortellini were "OK", but the sauce was brilliant - but then I am a bit biased...


  1. Here's a link to a blog you ought to visit if you haven't already done so - and it has a very useful Conversion Table in its Sidebar too, helping US readers and UK readers to understand each others' recipes!

  2. If you are an Australian, as old as me, you don't need conversion tables. :-) We changed to metric in the 1960s and I still remember imperial. I used to teach the kids at school how to add and subtract with Lsd. They were amazed!


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