Saturday, 20 November 2010

Mosses, lichens and fungi

Here are some photos of mosses, lichens etc, found on the area of heathland near my house.

This one is my favourite. It shows the flowers on a variety of moss. I do not know much about moss, but I recognise its beauty.

It looks even better in close-up.

Here's a different type of moss.

And another -- this time growing on an old tree-stump.

This is a lichen, growing on a fallen tree branch. This type of lichen is very common in England.

This is a rotting tree branch which has been perforated by wood-peckers searching around for insects in the dead wood.

And this one is shows a little orange-coloured fungus nearly hidden amongst the yellow grass...

In my final photo you can see a few more of these orange-coloured fungi, growing in amongst the heather.


  1. love the photos mosses are nice in the right place

  2. I like moss...even in the wrong spot. Together with little toadstools it looks like a fairy garden. I have some growing under a weeping elm in the front yard. It makes me want to be a little girl again, and play under it with a little tiny tea set.

  3. A lovely mossy, fungussy tour, Mark! It's good to stop and notice the detail of even the ordinary things.


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