Monday, 1 November 2010

Lancashire Hotpot pictures

In view of yesterday's mention of that well-known Northern British delicacy Lancashire Hotpot, we decided to have some ourselves. Jane is originally from Lancashire, so this is very much the cookery of her heritage. I'm not going to propose a recipe -- you can find that very readily, just by Googling it -- I just want to show you the end result...

Here is the dish just after coming out of the oven (where it had been cooking for the previous three and a half hours), along with an accompanying dish of braised Red Cabbage, sweetened with raisins. [Note: if you want the top layer of potatoes on the hotpot to go really brown, tradition dictates the addtion of a large knob of lard, about half an hour before the dish is due to be served!]

Lancashire Hotpot with braised Red Cabbage

And here it is dished-up, with the addition of some (cold) boiled beetroot.

The finished dish

A very hearty, satisfying meal, ideal for an Autumn evening!


  1. Mmmm. Funny isn't I am hankering afetr some cold weather and a hearty, slow cooked meal.

  2. I have never even heard of either of these but they look good.

  3. Your hotpot reminds me of my life in London about 20 years ago! Feeling so nostalgic!

  4. Hi Takaeko (and any other overseas visitors to my blog); What do you think of as "typical" British food? Our cuisine has until recently been rather uninspired, but I believe that we now have some really excellent food on offer. You will have noticed that my blog is not just about gardening, because I am an enthusiastic food-lover too.

  5. I was brought up on hotpot (I'm from Blackburn). It looks delicious :) And I love pickled red cabbage!


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