Thursday, 25 November 2010

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

My Purple Sprouting Broccoli is coming on nicely. The recent cold weather has made it start to go a deeper purple colour. I think it looks very attractive.

This one is a variety called "Red Arrow". I have two plants each of Red Arrow, Rudolph (another purple variety) and White Eye (white!). You can see that the shoots or "spears" are beginning to form now, although they won't be ready for harvesting for another couple of months yet.

The plants are pretty big now -- maybe 1.25 metres?

They also take up a lot of space for a significant period of time, but I still think they represent good value because I love the end result (loads of lovely succulent, tender spears). [See my earlier blogpost on VSR]. They allow me to be picking veg in February / March, when there is little else available in the garden, which is very satisfying. I feel strangely inadequate if there is ever a time of year when there is NOTHING I can harvest, even if it is just some herbs.

Here's a thought for my 'unconventional' Australian blogging friend Hazel:- You saw the shapes of animals in your clouds. Do you know what my sprouting broccoli pictures remind me of? Spaghetti Junction (officially the Gravelly Hill interchange, in Birmingham, a complicated motorway interchange). Just follow this link and you'll see what I mean...


  1. Ooo! I am unconventional. How exciting. I see what you mean by spaghetti junction. Love the broccoli pictures. I was slack in winter and didn't grow much but in 2011 I pledge to work harder. If you can garden in cold old England I surely can manage it in milder Oz. By the way thanks for all the guesses about the use of the shed and for being such a regular reader and maker of comments on my blog. I am enjoying the interchange.

  2. Nice Brocolli Mark, can't wait to get growing some myself for the 1st time next year :D I'll share a recipe with you nearer the time ;)

  3. May I suggest picking wild greens when the garden is not giving a lot. My favourite is Smooth Sow Thistle (Sonchus oleraceus). Check out my friend's post in her site for the Dandelion. Dandelions are my second favorite when I can't find enough smooth sow thistles. Smooth sow thistle is the one in the 3rd photo. I can't imagine eating them raw cause they are quite bitter. We always boil them in a lot of salty water so they give out their bitterness and they are extremely popular throught Greece and served in tavernas as well.

  4. wow, very interesting. Those colors look great!
    I had no idea they grow so big


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