Saturday, 2 October 2010

Studies in well-washed salad...

It rained hard almost all day here yesterday, and it was windy as well. At least the water-butt is full again.

This morning though is a classic English Autumn morning. Still, with a bright blue sky beginning to be visible as the mist clears. Everything is dripping wet, and my garden is covered in wind-blown pine needles and birch leaves. As I write I'm watching a Greenfinch eating sunflower seeds from my bird-feeder. You only see Greenfinches around here in the cooler months of the year.

I took some photos of my salads this morning. They have a "well-washed" look about them.

A corner of the Salads bed...
Batavian Red lettuce

Lettuce and Endive

Curly Endive - variety unknown - maybe "De Meaux", full of pine-needles

Broad-leaved Batavian Endive

Webbs Wonderful lettuce

Fristina lettuce

Lettuce - unknown variety - one from a mixed packet

So, I've got plenty of ingredients to make myself a nice salad -- especially since I still have oodles of tomatoes and a few beetroots as well.

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