Monday, 11 October 2010

The last of the carrots

I have pulled up the last of the carrots. I'm very pleased with my carrot crop this year. As I have reported previously, this year I have been growing fly-resistant varieties, and for the first time ever I have had a viable crop of mature carrots. Most of the carrots have been untouched by the fly, but not all of them. Maybe this is a reasonable compromise between me and Nature: the carrot flies can have their fair share, but not ALL of my crop!

This is what the best ones looked like.

The best of the bunch
But they weren't all like that, I regret... These ones show signs of slug damage as well as carrot-fly infestation. Perhaps I left them in the ground too long.

The other end of the spectrum...
Whilst most of the roots were quite regular, one or two of them were a very strange shape.

An oddity!
I'm pretty sure fly-resistant carrots will be a feature of my plot again.

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