Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Son-of-Wilma wins the race

Regular followers of my blog may remember that 'Son-of-Wilma' is a tomato plant of the very compact variety 'Wilma' that I have grown from a volunteer seedling rescued from its self-seeded location amongst my parsnips and carrots. I potted it up and grew it on outdoors for a while, but since it started its life well behind normal tomato-growing schedule, I soon had to protect it with one of my plastic mini greenhouses and then a couple of weeks ago I brought it indoors and it now resides on the Dining-Room windowsill. The additional warmth has allowed Son-of-Wilma to bring some fruit to maturity.

Son-of-Wilma's fruit are ripe!

The fruits are not very pretty - many of them showing signs of slug damage from their time outdoors - and the foliage is also rather unsightly now - mostly yellow rather than green, probably because I have not been feeding the plant (to be honest, I had used up all my tomato food, and didn't think it worth buying another bottle at this late stage of the year). But who cares what colour the leaves are? The important point is that I have got ripe tomato fruits in late October, which is pretty unusual for me. Son-of-Wilma won the race against time and produced ripe fruit before it was too late!

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