Friday, 22 October 2010

English Autumn

I took a few photos of the trees in our street in their Autumn colours yesterday. Against a backdrop of black rain-clouds they looked quite dramatic. I just wish there had been a rainbow...

Birch trees

Beech tree

Maple tree - in my own garden

Maybe not as spectacular as the New England trees, but I love 'em anyway!


  1. Autumn is so beautiful. The trees in your area are turning into gold now, like they just had the Midas touch. This is a scene we can here in hot, equatorial Malaysia.

  2. I love photos of bright trees against a dark sky, at any time of year, but these autumn birches are stunning.

  3. What gorgeous trees! The color just blows me away. Don't see that in Florida. I used to live in Kentucky and we had beautiful autumns, too.


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