Friday, 8 October 2010

Autumn colours

The leaves on my trees and shrubs are beginning to look really "Autumny" now. I brought a selection of them indoors and had a bit of fun photgraphing them. These are some of the shots.

Autumn leaves 1

Autumn leaves 2

Autumn leaves 3

Autumn leaves 4

 I'm obviously going to have to a) learn more about using the features of my (apparently very capable) camera, and b) invest in some better portable lighting. At present I find it difficult to achieve the correct level of light. With the flash the light seems too harsh, and without it, the pictures come out too dull, with lots of shadows. Maybe the lights in my house are not suitable -- or perhaps I'm just not much good at photography! I shall have to work at this...


  1. Yup, I know what you mean. So infuriating. I'm on a technical quest too. Got a tuition session coming up soon.

  2. I suppose the truth of the matter is simply that I have been a gardener for 25 years, whilst I have only been a photographer for two months!

  3. Hi Linda; I've just started to photgraph things on a piece of light buff-coloured wood instead of on a white background. It seems to reduce glare and light reflection. Will be putting some pics using it on the blog soon. Can you let me know if you think they look any better? Cheers, Mark.

  4. Really like your Autumn leaf photos, very creative. Did you change your blog background from white to cream as well; looks different.

  5. I'm experimenting with Blogger templates. I've changed from "Simple" to "Watermark". I think it looks more sophisticated! Also it looks as if it will go well with the background provided by the light wood board on which I am now starting to photograph my produce items. Need to do some minor adjustments to the layout now -- must get my daughter Emma to help me...


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