Sunday, 31 October 2010

Autumn fare

How's this for the archetypical English meal, perfect for a wet, gloomy Sunday evening in October on the day the clocks went back (coincidentally, Halloween):

Game casserole (a mix of pheasant, partridge and venison), including onions, mushrooms, carrots, thyme and bayleaf, cooked in a low oven for about three and a half hours
Celeriac mash (60% potato, 40% Celeriac)
Brussels sprouts
Parsnips (home-grown)

Add 1 bottle of Good Ordinary Claret (courtesy of Waitrose)

Add 1 box of Terry's "Orange Chocolate Sensations" (Afterwards, of course)

Sounds OK?

By the way, no Trick or Treaters made it to our house today -- was it because the wet weather 'dampened their spirits' or what? So, I suppose we have to eat all those fun-size chocolate bars ourselves then...

And just because I don't have any appropriate photos of the above, here's a picture of Fiona's cat Voltaire!

Voltaire obviously has sophisticated tastes when it comes to reading material...

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  1. Why do people lurk and not follow? Anyway you now have new follower from Australia. Thanks for visiting my blog. I also like the young broad beans in a stir fry. Did you know, that there is a chemical in their pods that interacts with some types of anti-depressants and can cause death? I didn't feel in a murderous mood when I cooked the meal. :-)


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