Thursday, 21 October 2010

The first frost

We had our first frost of the year today. Nothing too dramatic though -- only about one degree below zero.
It's a good job I put my fleece covers over the raised beds last week. Most of the plants left in my garden now will survive a few degrees of frost -- such as parsnips, broccoli, celeriac and chicory -- but the lettuces are not so hardy. I expect they would soon succumb without the protection of the fleece.

Frost on the Sprouting Broccoli leaves

The morning sun on the fleece produced a very strange light effect - almost like when you see someone's tent with a lantern inside!


  1. 'Veg campsite' lol. Pics are really cool. Hope the cat stays off!

  2. No frost here yet. Seems a bit topsy-turvy that you should get it first.

  3. I'm not very good at getting out of bed in time to get pics like these - I'm impressed!

  4. Lovely pics and blog Mark. You'll be surprised to know that lettuce is usually very frost hardy - in fact the Bulgarians plant it at this time of the year to harvest in March. Ours survived a bad winter last year and was covered in snow for at least 3 weeks, whilst the temperatures outside got down to a chilly -27 Degrees C.

    Although after growing lettuce for 2 years the Bulgarian way I have found it doesn't actually make it crop any earlier here, since spring is usually quite mild anyway.



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