Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Borlotto beans are shelled

For the last week my Borlotto beans have been drying in the airing cupboard. When I inspected them today the pods had all gone dry and crispy and I could hear the beans rattling around inside them, so I decided to shell them.

600g of these...

Looked like this a week later...

10th October -- completely dry, dull and visually unattractive

Here's another view (a bit more arty this time)...

This is the "work in progress" stage...

Half-way house

The finished task

 And this is the end result - 175g of speckly beans...

The finished item
These beans have gone back into the airing cupboard for another couple of days, to make sure they are 100% dry, and then I will put them in a jam-jar and store them until about February, when I shall rediscover them and make them into something yummy to remind me of Summer 2010.

Beans, beans, beans

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