Friday, 15 October 2010

Ildi tomato - variations on a theme

Halfway through October, and I'm still harvesting tomatoes. My two Ildi tomato plants have produced a prodigious number of fruit this year. I would think that each one must have produced several hundred.

Today I was harvesting some more, and it struck me what a variation there is in the size and shape of the fruits. Most of them are egg-shaped and approximatey 2.5 to 3 centimetres long, like the trio in the centre of the picture below, but there are lots in other shapes and sizes too - some pear-shaped, some round etc and quite a few twins as well. You can see several of the latter in the picture.

Ildi - variations in shape and size of fruit
I have so many of these tomatoes I scarcely know what to do with them. Whilst they are nice, I have to say that the little tomatoes are less flexible than the larger ones, in the culinary sense! We recently ate a few of the semi-dried ones preserved in oil, but we didn't think they had the depth of flavour that the Maskotka ones I had done earlier in the season had, and their appearance was less attractive too. I think they are best eaten raw.

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