Thursday, 13 November 2014

Tidying-up the Strawberries

My Strawberry plants were being slowly but inexorably submerged in fallen Maple leaves. I judged it the right moment to give them their annual tidy-up.

The shingle round the Strawberry containers was criss-crossed with runners, many of them firmly rooted in the soil below. It almost seemed a shame to rip them up.

The Strawberry is a very vigorous self-propagator, and each plant will produce loads of runners, making a new plant every foot or so.

Each of these is a ready-made clone of its parent. Getting new Strawberry plants is a simple as snipping off the runner, trimming it...

...and potting it up (seen here in a 3" pot).

The tidy-up didn't take long: a few snips with the secateurs and this is what was left:

Now I know it is good practice to renew Strawberry plants every few year, because they do gradually lose their vigour, so I decided that it would be appropriate to establish a routine for this. I removed and discarded the oldest plants and replaced them with four of the best runners, adding a bit of new compost to get them off to a good start. I was able to identify the oldest plants because they still had the original plant-labels in the soil next to them. [Top left in photo above.] Now for the really organised part: I gave each of the four containers a reference number, indicated by a different-coloured and numbered label...

And each container will now be replaced in rotation, every fourth year!

Here we see the containers sporting the new labels:



  1. My strawberry runners have taken over the strawberry bed. I'm a bit afraid they might be too crowded now, but I figured I just wouldn't worry about it right now. I'll see how they do next year.

  2. Very well organised - we need to choose varieties for our new bed soon, We want a completely fresh start so no clones this year.

  3. I'm glad you posted this. Strawberry cultivation is comparatively new in our area. This is exactly what I'll be doing in the coming years...

  4. I am so jealous of your strawberry, Mark. Mine was died months ago.


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