Wednesday 19 November 2014

The Great British Cookbook

Would you be prepared to donate £12 to Macmillan Cancer Support ? Or to Hospitality Action ? Especially if I gave you a book in return...?

These are both very respectable charities, worthy of  your support, and I am proud to be part of a great fund-raising initiative on behalf of them both. I am particularly grateful to Macmillan because they supported my Dad (who died of lung cancer) in his final days, as well as providing support for me and my brother afterwards.

The two charities are aiming to raise £200,000 before Christmas through sales of a fabulous ebook called "The Great British Cookbook", which is being officially launched on 20th November. It will be downloadable via all the main sites, at a price of £12. You will also be able to purchase it HERE

The exciting part of this venture for me is that Jane and I have contributed a chapter to the book, which is supported by some very well-known names - such as Rick Stein, Anna Hansen, Michael Caines, Richard Corrigan, Galton Blackiston, etc. One of my photos has even been chosen to appear on the front cover - Yes, it is the one of tomatoes, Runner beans etc!

To quote from the official website: "Celebrating our very diverse culture, uncovering extraordinary dishes served up in the hundreds of restaurants, hotels and pubs across our great nation. As well as recipes of mouth-watering dishes, there will be features on seasonal produce, growers, suppliers and featured articles on butchers, bakers and fishmongers."

I have written about growing fruit and veg in my garden (representing "Home Produce") and Jane has written about cooking with it, specifically concentrating on the aspect of seasonal produce. 200 chefs and restaurants from all over Britain will showcase 50 Starters, 100 Mains and 50 Desserts, and there will be additional articles about specialist producers of meat, fish and bakery.

It sounds as if this is going to be a very special publication! I sincerely hope that some of you, my loyal Followers, will see fit to purchase it, and thereby add your donation to a worthy cause. Thank you.


    1. What fun to have a photo on the front cover. Of course all your veg photos are so gorgeous.

    2. You guys!!! What a thrill. I am off to purchase!!!

    3. Well done you two how exciting we are both supporters of Macmillan so will be buying the book, wonder if I should put the camera down and enter the kitchen?


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