Saturday, 1 November 2014

Harvesting Brussels Sprouts

Today I harvested another small batch of Brussels Sprouts (250g).

As you probably know, this year I am growing Brussels Sprouts of 3 different varieties, in order to extend the harvesting period. These ones are the first to mature. They are the ones called "Brilliant". Actually they are the third batch I have picked, so they have already proved their worth. Funnily enough all the ones I have picked so far have been from one plant. The other of the same type is a couple of weeks behind its sibling in terms of maturity.

A batch like this is the perfect size for a serving for two people. There are still some more sprouts left on the plant too, so that means that this one plant will have provided at least four 2-person servings before it is finished - and then of course I shall also harvest the cabbage-like "Top" of the plant to use like cabbage.

Brussels Top - "Brilliant"


As you can see, these sprouts are pretty decent specimens, even if not huge. Gardening wisdom says that in order to produce tight sprouts you should grow the plants in very firm soil. In an intensively-cultivated raised bed system this is not easy, but when I planted my Sprouts I firmed them in as much as possible, pressing the soil down around their roots with the heel of my shoe. It seems to have paid off because there are only literally a couple of "blown" (i.e. loose) sprouts. They are nice and clean too and did not have many outside leaves that needed to be peeled off before cooking.

Example of "blown" Sprout

 Meanwhile, the other two varieties of Brussels Sprout are coming along behind at their own pace. I have "Napoleon" next, and then (probably after Christmas) it will be the turn of "Bosworth".




  1. Lovely sprouts. I really wish I had some in the garden this year.

  2. They look mouth watering Mark. I love having a bowl of sprouts for tea after work.

  3. amazing BS Mark! I wish to have half of your result next year for next year and will be enough!

  4. Those sprouts look pretty large to me. And 4 meals from one plant - I had no idea that Brussels sprout plants could produce that much. That's pretty unbelievable!

  5. Dome of ours are ready to pick now but I'm hoping that they hang on a while as we have other veg that needs using first.


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