Monday 24 November 2014

Harvest Monday - 24 November 2014

My harvests this week have been very meagre. But considering it's nearly the end of November, that's only to be expected.

I did at least get another batch of Brussels sprouts. Here they are in their "just picked" state:

They look pretty scruffy like that! Any damaged or yellowing outer leaves need to be removed, and the woody bases trimmed.

This is the same batch prepared and ready for cooking:

Here they are next to a bowl full of baby carrots from last week's crop. Together they made the ideal accompaniment to a joint of roast pork which I cooked on Saturday.

Other than the sprouts, I think the only thing I have picked (apart from a few herbs) was a very small lettuce which provided a garnish for the Smoked Duck dish I wrote about yesterday.

So that's my contribution to Harvest Monday for this week. Maybe someone else will have grown something a bit more impressive?


  1. Not me. Impressive harvests are in my past this year. I will be picking the few remaining things in the garden this week then I'm stuck with the supermarket and my stores. So sad. Those sprouts look good. Maybe I should try growing them again next year.

  2. Beautiful Brussels sprouts and carrots. They certainly do look fresh & I'm sure they were equally delicious!

  3. The sprouts look great, even in their just picked state. And the duck looks absolutely delicious!

  4. We still haven't picked any sprouts - I keep wanting to and Martyn keeps saying that we have plenty of other things and that the sprouts will hang on. If they blow there will be trouble.

  5. I think the sprouts are pretty impressive, as is the duck!


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