Saturday 29 November 2014

Raindrops keep fallin' on my....broccoli

Not many words (lyrics?) today, just pictures. My pictures of raindrops on Brussels Sprouts posted the other day were popular, so here is a variation on that theme: raindrops on broccoli leaves. A study of surface tension. Enjoy!

You know that I'm looking forward to getting some frost now, don't you!


  1. Brrrr. No I've got frost. Well not pretty frost, but it was really cold this morning (-8C). I'm looking forward to a small warm up tomorrow before it gets cold again. And I do love photos of both the raindrops and the frost.

  2. Lovely but I do wish it would dry up a bit and the sun would make an effort to cut through the gloom,

  3. Lovely, you have some really good close ups there. Very pretty & sparkly!

  4. So beautiful. I love to enjoy rain drops on brassica leaves, and you show their beauty. Thanks, Mark.


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