Tuesday 25 November 2014

On close inspection...

The weather here is still very mild for the time of year. Not that I mind not having to scrape ice of the car windscreen before heading off to work...!

I love photographing frost on things. This picture of mine appears in the newly-published Great British Cookbook

No opportunities like that have arisen just yet, but the next couple of photos show you that we have definitely had some rain. The photos were taken early in the morning, so the lines of droplets on these Brussels Sprouts may be partially dew as well as rain.

This is the head of one of my PSB plants. This photo makes it look big, but it's really very small.

Amazingly, I still have a Raspberry plant that is producing ripe berries - just one or two. This photo was taken on 20th November.

Some of the Dogwood bushes have shed all their leaves now (see red stems in photo below), but this one hasn't. It's Cornus Alba "Midwinter Fire".

The Buddleia seems to think that it's Springtime already, as it's covered in fresh leaf growth. I love the colour and texture of those steely-grey downy leaves!

P.S. I drafted this post last weekend, and of course since then the temperatures have taken a dive, so maybe next weekend I'll be able to start photographing frost again!


  1. I wouldn't be surprised to see some frost here this week, the temperatures have dropped considerably over the last couple of days. It's wonderful that you're still harvesting raspberries, mine finished long ago.

  2. I usually take photos of frost here when we get it. We have been really cold - way under freezing - at times but we haven't had a lot of nice frost. Lovely photos.

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! We only get to photograph the dew..frost definitely looks better!

  4. I feel mt toes tingling in anticipation

  5. I do like a frost, we had our first one this morning. How lovely to still have the odd raspberry at this time of year.

  6. Beautiful photos. I often don't think to get those close-up shots...the detail captured is quite wonderful. I must change that in the future.

  7. Beautiful shots! I wish I still had raspberries! Jealous ;)

  8. Malia is right, Mark. Beautiful shots and crops! I grow PSB but they don't seem to grow well in the garden, :)


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