Thursday 2 January 2014

Things seen beside the canal

As promised, here are some photos of things I saw during my walk along the Basingstoke Canal on Sunday afternoon. A lot of the other people on the towpath that day were in more of a hurry - jogging to keep fit, or cycling. I was sauntering though, with my camera poised... There are a lot of photos in this post; if you don't want to look at them all, may I please ask you at least to look at the LAST two?

I don't think this old rowing-boat full of frozen murky water is going anywhere soon:


Frost patterns on a leaf




Clematis Vitalba - "Old man's beard"

Ant-hill made with pine needles


Ivy on a fence-post

Ivy berries

Trunk of fallen Silver Birch tree

Sawn Silver Birch

Silver Birch against the cloudless blue sky (in December!)

Felled Beech tree re-growing from the stump

Hazel catkins

The gnarled trunk of an Oak tree



And finally... I want you to tell me what you think is the story behind the next two photos. Do you think they are connected, for instance? (They were both photographed in the same place.) Suggestions in the Comments please!

Happy New Year to you all !


  1. I think the goat kept in the field came across whilst a man was kneeling down with his back to the fence, his feet just poking through the bottom of the fence wires. He was so busy taking a photo of a frosted leaf that he didn't notice the goat tugging at the leg of his jeans - until it was too late.

  2. I'm not 2nd guessing at what might have happened. However on my way to work yesterday I did pass a tree with a pair of trousers hanging in it. New year frivolities may be?

  3. Is it horsehair? Someone fell off a horse but why would they lose their jeans?

    Happy New Year. I see you're posting almost daily. Amazing stamina you have for blogging despite saying some time back you were going to be more infrequent.

    1. Yes, Marcia, you're right. I did say I was going to post less often, but the trouble is there are so many things I want to write about...! When I run out of ideas, I'll stop.

  4. Nice pictures Mark. I was in Basingstoke Christmas day & Boxing day visiting relatives. The jeans are definitely not mine though, or the hair. I reckon it's Reindeer hair on the barbed wire and Santa left his jeans behind whilst getting changed after he did his last delivery of presents in Basingstoke and then flew back to the North pole.

    1. I like this one. It's a good theory, but hard to prove...

  5. It looks like horse hair but I can't think for the life of me how it would connect with a pair of jeans.

  6. At first I thought you somehow had lost your jeans, but then I realized they couldn't have been yours. Or could they? And that hair....rather coarse. Were they close to each other? During your recent windy gales, perhaps the jeans just blew off someone's clothes line and happened to scare the poor horse standing by that fence. He bolted and left some of his mane, poor thing. What a clever way you have of getting us out here in blog land to use our imaginations and to give a comment!!


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