Sunday 5 January 2014

Mosses, Lichens and Fungi

Here are some photographs of mosses, lichens and fungi taken in the last days of 2013. I'm not an expert on fungi, so I can't identify many of them. I just enjoy photographing them.

Friends tell me that this is Ascocoryne Sarcoides , aka "Purple jellydisc":

This old tree stump is more or less covered in a green fungus / lichen...

 Here it is in close-up:

I know this next one. It is Auricularia Auricula-judae aka "Jew's Ear Fungus".

Seen in close-up it almost seems to have veins:

This ancient log had a carpet of moss along its top.

Here are some close-ups of the moss:

This yellow stuff might possibly be a type of Slime Mould, or maybe a lichen rather than a fungus.

I think this one is Trametes Versicolor, aka "Turkey-tail Fungus":

Here's another example:

Look at the little "trumpets" at the right of this next photo:

I'm going to finish where I began, simply because I just love this purple-coloured one:

Anyone fancy a Jelly Bean...?


  1. They do make fascinating macro subjects don;t they. The close up of the Jew's ear reminds me of the head of a lizard showing its teeth.

  2. The purple one is really unusual. So interesting

  3. Pretty fungi. I really enjoyed seeing a slime mold for the first time in the garden. Now I hate them as they are way too prolific here.

  4. I can almost smell mildew! Actually these photos are all really nice and I love how beautiful moss and fungi can be.

  5. It is interesting that yours "Jew´s ear" is the "Ear of Judas" in Czech. Otherwise, very nice photos.

  6. How lovely Mark. I remember when you got your new camera and how exciting it you are a whiz at taking great photos. Excellent.

  7. The one with "veins" is very interesting!

  8. Nice photographs. The trumpet-like lichen is probably the one from the genus Cladonia. Does the purple fungus look anything like Ascocoryne sarcoides? It is hard to tell which one it is only by the image...


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