Wednesday 15 January 2014

Some curiosities

What do you think of my baby Biome?

It's not quite on a par with The Eden Project, is it? This plastic hemisphere about 15cm in diameter, one of a pair, started life as a crafting item. I believe it was intended to be made into a Christmas bauble of some sort. It came as part of a kit that Jane was given. She didn't want it, so it came my way - and you can see that it is now serving as a miniature cloche!

Let's zoom in and take a closer look...

And now really close up...

Even if it turns out to be rubbish as a cloche, it's certainly photogenic!

Now what about this creature that I spotted in the garden...what on earth is it?

I think it is a chrysalis of some sort. It looks a bit like a cicada. Do we get cicadas in the UK?

With all those hairy bits on the underside it looks like a miniature scrubbing-brush! Perhaps we should look at something a bit more ordinary now...

Those two pics are of my Purple Sprouting Broccoli, which is just beginning to form its flower-shoots. We're a long way from harvest-time still, but it's nice to know that things are going according to plan!


  1. It must be nice to be seeing sprouts on your broccoli. This week has been warm so the spinach has perked up. The leaves are too tatty to eat, but it is nice to know the plants are still alive and will put on growth in the spring.

  2. I'd love a huge biome over the garden and another over the plot.

    Pop the pupa in a jar and watch what comes out!

  3. Love your biome, very cutting edge.

  4. Like Sue I would love a biome over my garden, just think of the possibilities. Your PSB looks great.


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