Tuesday 14 January 2014

Bulbs are popping up everywhere!

My bulbs think that because the weather is mild it must be Spring, and hence time for them to flower.
As I was tidying up on Friday, I found this pot of "Tete-a-Tete" Daffodils by the front door, where it has been for months, slowly disappearing under the falling leaves. Once the leaves were removed the pale yellow leaves of the bulbs were revealed:

Now that they can get some light, I'm sure they will green-up very rapidly.

I plant most of my bulbs in pots, so that I can move them around the garden - and easily remove them once they have finished flowering. Here are some of them, waiting in the wings ready to come on stage when their cue is given...

Some of my bulbs are in the borders though. Here are some, peeping up underneath the leaves of a Heuchera:

The Heuchera itself is looking pretty bedraggled, having only recently been rescued from under a thick
carpet of soggy Maple leaves. Hopefully it will perk up now that it has some light.

First of my bulbs to flower this year will be the "Soleil d'Or" Daffodils that I brought back from the Isles of Scilly. Some of them look as if they will be open very soon:


  1. I love spring bulbs. Though all mine are in the ground. I tend to kill things in pots.

  2. We too have bulbs popping up but those Soleil d'or are well on!

  3. It's the same story here, Mark. I don't have any snowdrops in the garden here but spare paperwhite daffodils that were plonked in the garden early December plus last year's tete-a-tete daffs are all bursting through. I gave the shady border under the viburnum bodnantense a good leaf sweep the other day and picked out leaves from heucheras, galium odoratum and ferns and it all looks much healthier now! I did wonder though about leaving everything unprotected - I'm sure winter is just around the corner!

  4. Your bulbs are clearly well on their way. We don't have any bulbs popping up as we simply don't have any; however, the artichoke plants certainly thinks it's spring already,

  5. My tulips are poking through as well. It's a good idea to plant bulbs in pots as they will be easily removed once unsightly. Much more difficult when they are in borders.
    One question, though. Do you change compost every year in the pots or do you just leave them to their own devices once flowered?

    1. I usually re-pot the bulbs in fresh compost every year. Last year, for various reasons, several of the pots got overlooked, so I will be interested to see what results I get from them this year, with "stale" compost.

  6. It's so exciting seeing all the bulbs making an entrance. They are here too although I'm a little wary as this mild spell might disappear and they'll get the shock of their lives ;D

  7. I'm so excited to see these flower, you're right the soleil d'or do look like they are almost there!


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