Thursday 16 January 2014

"Cape Malay" curry

In the culinary context the term "Cape Malay" refers to a type of cuisine which evolved in South Africa via a fusion of indigenous food and that of the immigrant Indonesian community. It involves a mix of fragrant spices which we call "curry", and the mandatory inclusion of fruit, preferably apricots...

Here is my rendition of the concept:-

This is Cape Malay Pork with Calabrese Broccoli and Basmati Rice - subtle, warm, tasty spices, not searing-hot chilli, along with the soft, mellow sweetness of apricots.

We start here, with 100g of semi-dried apricots, halved:

A couple of onions, peeled, sliced and gently softened over a low heat...

And some diced pork that has been marinated in grated fresh Ginger, crushed Garlic, and a generous quantity of Jane's home-made curry powder, and now browned in a little vegetable oil...

When the meat is browned, add it to the onions, along with about a litre of good stock...

Throw in the apricots...

Now cook long and slow until the meat is tender (about 3 hours on 140C?)...

Here is the end result. Notice how much the liquid has reduced. During cooking you should check every so often to make sure that the dish has not dried out, adding a little boiling water if necessary.

Meanwhile, cook the broccoli. Mine was simply boiled until just tender but not too soft....

And the rice of course (not illustrated!).  Finally, dish up:-

You know what? That is Comfort Food par excellence!


  1. That does look delicious. Sadly my husband hates curry. Maybe I'll make curry for lunch someday. At least with lunch I don't have to worry if he will eat it.

  2. It looks good - though I'm not a fan of white rice. Although brown rice doesn't soak up the juices as well I like it better.

  3. That looks delicious - 3 hours cooking though?

  4. Sue, some of my all-time favourite dishes are ones cooked long and slow. That way the meat is usually a lot more tender.


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