Monday 27 January 2014

Harvest Monday - 27 January 2014

This past week I havested the very last of my "Matsuri" minature broccoli. Oh Boy, was it miniature!

That's a cereal-bowl they are in, by the way, just to give you an idea of their size. Anyway, I mustn't complain because "size isn't everything", as they say.

I have also picked more of my Winter salads:

In that bowl are one Batavian (or broad-leaved) Endive, one Radicchio (red chicory), one Curly Endive, and one "Sugar Loaf" chicory (top right of photo). None of them is big, but bear in mind you are looking at the hearts only - the tatty outer leaves have already been removed. All this lot is edible.

This is it after washing...

The salad was served alongside a couple of lovely tender Sirloin steaks from our favourite Linkway butcher's shop, and accompanied by some "new" potatoes cooked as chips in the trusty Actifry machine. Sounds unenterprising, but I tell you it was a GOOD meal!

That's it for the week, I'm afraid. A very meagre harvest!  Why not go across to Harvest Monday on Daphne's Dandelions to see if anyone has done better...?


  1. Fresh greens look wonderful this time of year!

  2. It is still nice to harvest something no matter the size.

  3. The photos are lovely and the greens have done really well having those to eat right now. Excellent!

  4. Fantastic Harvest this week. I love the cutting board in the first photo!! I love to see other harvesting from their gardens this time of year!!

  5. It looks like a nice harvest to me. I so miss eating fresh things from the garden. I can't wait until April and I can eat such things again.

  6. I love broccoli and any harvest at all is wonderful! Your lettuce look great, too!


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