Monday 28 January 2013

The last of the Parsnips

I didn't think I would have anything to put forward for Harvest Monday (hosted by Daphne at Daphne's Dandelions) this week, but now that our snow has melted I have been able to harvest the last of my parsnips.

This season's crop has been a bit of a mixed bag. I sowed two different varieties (Gladiator and Panache), and I sowed them in two batches. The first batch of both varieties did well, but the second batch did hardly anything at all. They never really grew beyond the 'tiny' stage, so were effectively a washout. The batch I harvested this week was the last of the 'Gladiator' ones, from the first sowing, and it certainly included a few decent specimens. They don't look very appealing when they are fresh out of the ground, but as the saying goes "they scrub up well"...

Before scrubbing:

After scrubbing:

And in close-up - before:

And after:

That was 800g of parsnips there, so enough for at least 2, possibly 3, two-person servings. I'm pleased with this, but I would be even happier if half of my crop hadn't performed so badly! Still, it reinforces my conviction that sowing seeds in at least two batches is good tactics: if one fails, maybe the other will do

Roast pork was on the menu last night, and some of these parsnips accompanied it. And the best thing is - we still have more parsnips to look forward to, since we used less than half of the batch.


  1. Our parsnips look like yours when dug up - very muddy!

    Must go for more fresh vegetables soon!

  2. We're having parsnips with out meal tonight, sadly not home grown though. Yours look delicious, so I must do better this year.

  3. I grew Gladiator again this year, they're a pretty decent parsnip. I sowed them all at once late February and they seem OK so far, one row to go which should see us through until spring. Not the prettiest of veg though!

  4. I have parsnips on my seed list for the first time ever. I've never had them. Now I just have to find a place to put them since all the space is already spoken for.

  5. I like your tactics! I should have done that. I had complete parsnip failure! Wonderful how these have lasted so long.

  6. They look good to me, though I haven't tried parsnips since my first failure with them.

  7. Wonderful! Nothing like frost nipped parsnips - delicious. Do you find it hard to get the seeds out of the ground? I believe that they are pretty easy to grow if you can get them to germinate. Any germination tips?

  8. The parsnips look great; I didn't grow parsnips. I'm wondering if I have any carrots out there that have survived the recent snow.

  9. Those are nice looking parsnips. I skipped growing them this year and have been missing them, so they are back on the planting line up for 2013. I find I have to do a late May start to get properly sized up roots going into the winter season. They just take so long to germinate and grow. But such a wonderfully reliable winter crop to have.

  10. Yum yum yum...parsnips in my tum! ;D
    As you can probably guess, I adore parsnips and your crop looks great. It's definitely a good plan to stagger the planting I think. You never know what might happen with just the one.
    Roasted parsnips accompanied our Sunday roast too, although we cooked it outside on the weber. Delicious with a little honey drizzled over them and a twist of cracked pepper of course!
    Listen to me and I haven't even had breakfast yet!
    Im off....have a great week :D


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