Thursday 10 January 2013

Are my bulbs over-eager?

I wonder if we are going to get any really cold weather this Winter? We've had plenty of rain, but so far no snow. The bulbs I planted in the Autumn (it seems like just the other day) are impatient to get going. No flowers yet, but green shoots popping up all over the place. The furthest advanced are the Crocuses:

I planted several types of Crocus, mostly in pots, though I didn't label them so I'll have to wait until they flower before I know which is which. I tend to put my bulbs in pots because I like the portability of them - I often move them around to create different groupings, and hide them out of view once the flowers have died off.

Not all the Crocuses are in pots. I have naturalised some of them around the bases of the trees.

I saved many of the bulbs I grew in pots last year, and planted them in little groups all round the garden. I know they are never as vigorous second time round, but they do bring a bit of early colour to the borders.

I put loads of Iris Reticulata bulbs in the circular bed around the base of the Crab Apple tree, and it looks as if it won't be long before the first of those are flowering. That's something I always look forward to because it tells me that Spring is not too far away.

The shrub border is still covered with fallen leaves, but there are clumps of daffodil bulbs pushing up through them here, there and everywhere.

I know it is still only early January, but I'm wishing it were Spring already - then I could get on and sow / plant something!


  1. I noticed my tulips were starting to poke themselves through on the way to work this morning.

  2. A cold snap will slow them down.

  3. It cheers me to see these poking through the soil. You are so far ahead of us here in Nova Scotia, but we catch up a little bit. I like putting bulbs in pots too; it keeps the squirrels and chipmunks on their toes ;-)

  4. Its always nice to see new growth peeking through (except weeds). The cold weather will be here soon, just hope it doesn't do too much damage.

  5. The bulbs I planted in autumn are poking their noses through the compost too. I don't think we'll get away with the mild weather much longer, a cold snap is on the way, and I've even heard snow mentioned, I hope not!


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