Wednesday 9 January 2013

January greens

This past weekend I was able to harvest a surprisingly nice basket of veggies, considering the time of year.

In this basket is my final batch of Brussels Sprouts - about 300g.

I have also cut the top off one of the plants to provide us with what is effectively a Cabbage. If we enjoy it, I'll cut the other two. It's a while since I ate Sprout Tops and I seem to recall them being very strongly flavoured.

The sprouts are joined by a Curly Endive - small, but looking good.

And then there is this pale-coloured Radicchio. Is it perhaps "Variegato di Castelfranco"? It came from a mixed pack, so I can't be sure.

Being able to pick something fresh from your own garden, even in the depths of Winter, is just so rewarding!


  1. Everything looks great!
    But that Radiccio is cute ;)


  2. I have massive garden envy. Does it take a lot of work to maintain your veg patch? The end result is fabulous and I would love to grow more than the few tomatoes I usually grow but I'm worried I won't have the time to keep on top of things.

    1. Hi Kay; No, I don't consider that my veg patch takes a lot of work. I use the "little-and-often" approach - which is eminently practicable when my garden is right outside my door. And the results fully justify the effort involved.

  3. Fab harvest for January Mark, well done.

  4. Well done! I must find a way to do some winter harvesting - (Though there is a sprout stalk still in the ground)

  5. Very nice! I love the raddichio! and wish I had the brussel sprouts. Still need to get down to my garden but Michelle's schedule has changed for this semester and I am trying to juggle the work I have to do at home, the ridiculous times she has classes (some in the morning some in the afternoon) and my work away from home :(

  6. I agree that winter harvest are rewarding - we need to replenish our stocks so a trip to the plot is on the cards,

  7. That's a great harvest. I must do better with my winter crops this year.

  8. Great haul! I've heard sprout tops aren't for the fair hearted to best of luck!

  9. Beautiful veggies.


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