Saturday 12 January 2013

Calendar girls - check out these cute chicks!

Well, a title like that ought to boost my blog's pageview ratings a bit, eh?

Sorry to disappoint some of you, but this post is about chickens...

Exhibitionist chick

I know that many of my readers rear chickens, so I thought they might like to see a little of a really unusual calendar that Jane has won from The Happy Egg Company. It is their "Nice Pecks" official 2013 calendar:

This was a prize in a competition on the company's Facebook page:

Here are some of the cute chicks in provocative poses:-

Valentine's Day chick

Chick getting into the bath

Sister Act

Narcissus chick

Dusky maiden

[Note: sorry about the quality of these photos - they are after all photos of photos, and it was hard to get them without a huge amount of glare from the glossy paper!]


  1. I thought for one minute you had started to keep chickens!

  2. There's some really unusual chickens, I like the first one, she looks like she's got a mane.

  3. Cute. I wish I was as well groomed as those chicks!

  4. This is so wonderful! Lol! :D


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