Friday 15 June 2012

The roadside garden - Part 2

Continuing the theme I started yesterday, plants alongside the road...

By the way, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not hugely knowledgeable about wild plants, so if I've captioned some of these incorrectly, perhaps you'll set me right.

A huge old tree - I think it is an Ash


Close-up of a leaf of the plant in previous picture


Goose-grass in close-up


Blackberry flower


Flowers/ immature seeds of a Maple tree

Many of the plants I have shown you in my last two posts are ones which most people would call "weeds", but I think you will agree that in the right place they look really beautiful, and have masses of interest in both colour and form. And let us not forget that "garden flowers" are only the successors of domesticated wild flowers.


  1. Hi Mark,

    I hate goose-grass with a vengeance as it can be so very invasive in my garden yet your close-up photo does make it look very picturesque...

    That first photo is, though, magnificent!!

  2. Mark I like the little general tours out and about they add something a little different, I like the buttercup that crept into the cow parsley picture, shot one is nice, the lichen quite something any idea what tree it was on?

  3. David, I think the lichen was on a Blackthorn tree, though I wouldn't swear to that.

  4. I hate goosegrass too. It seems to be a 'plant' that has far more names than it deserves which certainly doesn't mean people are fond of it.

    Your cow parsely looks like giant hogweed to me. Cow parsely leaves are more fern like. Some people do call it giant cow parsley or giant cow parsnip though. It is like the parsnip in that if the sap gets onto your skin especially in the presence of sunlight (remember that) it can cause severe burning. Sap in the eyes can also cause blindness so give it a very wide berth!

  5. So much to see on a country lane walk.

  6. Your attention to detail is wonderful. Too many rush about and fail to see the beauty right in front of them.

  7. Enjoy....thought you'd like the article on goose foot...


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