Sunday 24 June 2012

A little splash of colour

I recognise that Mark's Veg Plot is not noted primarily for its ornamental nature. After all it's not called "Mark's Flower Plot"! However, since taking up photography I have become keener on the ornamental aspects of the garden. I offer you here a little collection of photos aimed at demonstrating this.

Kale in a "Baby Leaf Salad" mix

This is a Rose. I don't know its name, because it was in the garden when we bought this property.
It produces dozens and dozens of flowers every year - usually in two batches. One batch is produced early in the Summer, but then the dreaded Black Spot disease strikes it and all the flowers and leaves drop off. At this point I prune it very hard and it does its thing all over again.

This is the Oxalis "Burgundy Wine". Love it or hate it (for its invasive nature?), you have to admit that this is an impressive-looking plant.

This is my recently-acquired variegated Geranium "Frank Headley".

Here's a "Frank Headley" flower:

And of course this one is that fern (Dryopteris Erythrosora).

The Chive flower is always good for a bit of colour...

And so is the Golden Hop:

And what about the humble Potato? Whilst not so special at a distance, it looks really great in close-up.

The first red flower on the Runner Beans:

And finally, more Kale - with raindrops this time. (Now there's a surprise!)


  1. Hi Mark,

    Love the photo of the raindrops on the red kale!

    The flowers on my potatoes are more purple-I wonder if it is because they are Salad Blues?

  2. I too loved the picture of the kale with the raindrops. We would give a lot to see a few of those raindrops (well, maybe not while I have the smoker out).

  3. I have never seen oxalis burgundy wine and I love it, invasive or not! Wish I had a lot of it somewhere! very nice photos, Mark!

  4. Wow! Fabulous photos and fabulous plants--the chive flower looks so impressive in that shot!

  5. Maybe you're photography is putting you in touch with your feminine side Mark.

  6. Even veggies can be ornamental when you look at them in that way.

  7. Great kale colour, mine are all green shades.

  8. Nice shots - the geranium foliage is particularly handsome!

  9. I couldn't decide whether to put the veg in a vase or eat the roses.


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