Monday 12 September 2011

Rain-washed salads

Now that we are into September we are getting a lot more rain, some of it very heavy indeed. Our Summer has been nondescript - neither particularly sunny nor particularly wet - and the plants seem to be enjoying a bit of "proper" rain. These lettuces are revelling in it:

Green Oak-leaf


All Year Round
The Radicchio (red chicory) is looking very promising. It's already beginning to heart-up, and the colour is beginning to change. As the weather gets cooler, the colour will turn to a deep red, with white veins.

This is another type of chicory. I'm not exactly sure what type, because it came from a mixed pack of seeds. It looks as if it may be a Treviso" type, which doesn't form a tight ball-shaped heart.

I'm still hoping to be able to get some useable Endive, so I keep putting in a few seedlings whenever / wherever I have space. You can see one at the right of this next photo. With the cooler, wetter weather maybe they will be less inclined to bolt.

The late peas are also enjoying the moist conditions. Although they are not very big yet, the plants already have quite a few flowers. Actually I'm not expecting these "Kelvedon Wonder" peas to grow much more than two feet tall. I'm hopeful that I might get a couple of helpings of pods before the frosts come along.


  1. The weeds love the dampness too don't they? Even some of our peas that failed to germinate are popping up and that after the bed they were in was rotovated

  2. Rain drops are beautiful. The slugs which follow them are not!


  3. All those lettuce leaves look so crisp and crunchy.

  4. Beautiful shots and raindrops too!
    The lettuces do look good and happily thriving, but you better be careful as the slugs are quite partial to them too.


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