Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The camouflage tree

You know how soldiers are normally dressed in camouflaged "combat kit" / fatigues, in order to allow them to blend in with the natural surroundings and avoid detection? Well, here's why. This is a tree doing a pretty good impersonation of some Army combat kit:-

This is the trunk of a huge Plane (Platane) tree, in the grounds of the Voltaire chateau in Ferney-Voltaire.

Is it just me, or is there the outline of a face-mask there?

And what about this one? What does the pattern in this piece of bark on a pine tree remind you of? Is there an eye in there? Is there a nose?

My last photo is nothing to do with trees - at least, only indirectly - but I like it anyway. It is an ancient set of wooden shutters, complete with peeling paintwork, on the windows of a house just across the street from the "Le Patriarche" restaurant in Ferney.

Now that's genuine old, not modern "distressed"!


  1. I love those camouflage tree, when I was a child I thought that was a puzzle tree.

  2. Can definitely see a few faces in those trees.

  3. Amazing bark. What lovely plane trees. And I definitely see some faces...

  4. The bark on the plane tree is fascinating. I can see faces too.

  5. I love the tree faces. Bark is a fabulous things isn't it - I particularly like its textural qualities. I think you'd like the scribby barks we have in Oz. They are a type of Eucalypt that attracts some sort of bug which makes writing like patterns on its bark - very cool!

  6. Faces in places; or in this case living things. Its very striking indeed.

  7. I love the "army" trees! I have some very similar photographs stored away on my computer


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