Sunday 18 September 2011

The Physalis harvest

I have picked all the fruit from one of my two Physalis plants:

There are lots of them, but none of them are very big. The ones I brought indoors a few days ago have ripened well, turned a deep golden colour, and actually taste quite nice.

When they are fully ripe the outer casings are dry and papery, while the fruits in the middle are firm yet not crunchy. The taste matures as the fruit ripens. No longer is it "cucumbery", but more akin to that of a melon. I'm afraid though that I can't work up much enthusiasm for this plant. It was interesting to grow it just to say that I had done so, but I don't think I will grow it again. I'd rather use the space for more tomatoes! The total crop from this plant was less than 400 grams.

I'm hoping these will ripen a bit more...

The plant from which these fruit came looked more or less dead. The branches had all dried up and collapsed. I know that in some parts of the world Physalis is a perennial, but I don't think mine would survive the Winter - even if I wanted it to. Has anyone else in the UK had any success with this plant?


  1. Nice little batch you have there.

    Just noticed your favourtie photo on the right hand side. That basket of produce looks amazing!


  2. Humm, I think those are what we call pineapple tomatillos? I have wanted to grow those and have tried several times but don't get any to grow. I think I read that they were good for pies.

  3. The physalis plants look interesting but I think i'd go with tomatoes as well.

  4. As much as i enjoy Physalis I wouldn't sacrifice tomato growing space either...having said that I've grown them successfully in a pot smaller than I'd grow tomatoes in....

  5. Growing like crazy it took them 2 years to fruit but planty to harvest


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