Friday 8 January 2016

PSB Gallery

My Purple Sprouting Broccoli plants are at their peak now. I have three plants this year. One ("Rudolph") is nearly finished; one ("Red Spear") is cropping at present; and the third ("Early Purple Sprouting") is about a week away from being ready. Isn't it funny that the only one described as Early should be the last one to mature?

You all know that I never miss an opportunity to show off photographs of PSB, so here are some recent photos.

This one is the main head of  "Early Purple Sprouting". It has a much paler colour than the others.

This is "Red Spear". You can see that the main head has been harvested and the side-shoots are now maturing.

Here's a close-up of one of those side-shoots. To me, this is more beautiful than any Rose!

Since the PSB has come on so early this year, I'm not in such a hurry to remove the plants to make room for other crops, so I'm going to leave them in the ground for longer and see if another flush of side-shoots appears. Even if it doesn't I'm pretty sure the plants will produce more young leaves which will be nice eaten as "Greens".

Meanwhile, PSB is on the menu, and I'm making the most of that!

In other news... I ordered my topsoil yesterday - the "Bulk bag" option - and the supplier said "When would you like it delivered? We can do it today if you want." I was amazed. This sounded too good to be true. I arranged for a Next Day delivery. However, it WAS too good to be true. They rang me this morning to say they were out of stock! Delivery re-scheduled for next Thursday now. Grrrrrrr.


  1. How lovely to be able to harvest PSB at this time of the year, mine is way off if it ever matures that is. I am never ordering veg plants again.

  2. Yet another case of too good to be true. It would have been better had they said they could deliver next week and come when expected,

  3. Lovely PSB photos. Around here, next day delivery of topsoil, etc., is pretty much the norm. The trick is making sure you are home when they deliver so that they don't end up dumping it in awkward spot.


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