Monday 11 January 2016

Harvest Monday - 11th January 2016

Top of the bill this week is a small batch of chillis:

These ones are from the "Alberto's Locoto" Rocoto plant, currently residing in the garage, which is cold but frost-free, since it is included in the main structure of our house. These fruits are not fully ripe yet, but I brought them indoors to hasten their ripening. The reddest one, in the centre of the trio, has already been used in that Vegetarian Chilli dish I made at the weekend.

I have also harvested enough Brussels Sprouts for a two-person serving:

These ones are from the "Bosworth" plant. They are not big, but very tasty. Somehow small sprouts seem sweeter, though that may be just a perception!

I have also pulled up all my remaining Carrots:

After discarding a few slug-damaged ones, I was left with this - it's just over a kilogram.

Considering that these are just the tag-ends of the crop, I think it is a pretty nice harvest! The Carrots have been amazingly good this time. Well, most of them have...

Also on the tally this week were a couple more Leeks. Skinny, but very long:

But the Piece de Resistance was undoubtedly this - my first Celeriac (Celery Root) of the season:

I'll not delude myself and pretend that it was big, but the fact that I have produced one that was even vaguely worth having is definitely something I consider a success! I have tried several times to grow decent Celeriac and have always failed. They only ever reach the size of a small Grapefruit. However, the taste is wonderful (as is the sense of achievement when you harvest one!). The one pictured above also went into that Vegetarian Chilli dish I made on Saturday.

This is my contribution to Harvest Monday, hosted during January by Michelle at From Seed To Table, so please visit her blog to see what other gardeners have harvested this week.


  1. Chillis in January! Sweet. Congratulations on that celeriac, I know how you feel, it was the same when I lifted my first decent parsnip. You had a great year for carrots. And it seems like you've been harvesting Brussels sprouts for a long time as well.

  2. I would consider that celeriac to be a success too

  3. Congrats on the celeriac! It's always very exciting when we harvest a new or challenging veg.

  4. My celeriac never got anything beyond a stalk, well done on growing yours.

  5. Those are some wonderfully long leeks. Brussels sprouts look like such fun vegetables to grow, I really hope I can get mine to produce this year.


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