Thursday 21 January 2016

Blogger's Giveaway - free seeds

The other day Jane won in a competition a big (200g) pack of seeds for creating a "floral meadow" - enough for 30 square metres.

Jane kindly passed these seeds to the Head Gardener (me), but I don't have room in my garden to use them so I have decided to offer them as a Giveaway here on my blog.

Anyone fancy a spot of Guerrilla Gardening? I was thinking that perhaps one of my readers would have or know of a patch of vacant rough ground where these seeds could scattered. This could result in making a dull, underutilised piece of land into something beautiful.

The pack includes seeds for 30 different species, including Papaver (poppy), Cosmos, Matricaria and Layla Platyglossa. They are varieties for Summer flowering and include several suitable for cutting.

If you would like to be in a draw to win these seeds, please leave me a comment on this post saying so. (Perhaps you could say where you might use the seeds?). The winner will be chosen at random on January 31st at 12:00. NB: For reasons of postage and Customs regulations, this Giveaway will be open to UK residents only.

Good luck!


  1. My goodness, Jane does win a lot of giveaways! I think I should start entering more contests...

  2. Hmmm. There's a derelict plot opposite ours on our allotment site that's highly unlikely to be taken on by anyone in the immediate future (odd-shaped, sloping, full of rubble and rubbish). I reckon a scattering of wildflower seed would improve it no end, if no-one else puts in a more worthy and/or pressing bid...

  3. Yes, please enter me Mark – I'd love them!

  4. Oh Mark how lovely! Stick me in the hat please & if I win there are plenty of places to sprinkle on my way to work (& the garden)

  5. Would love to be considered!
    Please Thank Jane.

  6. I would love to be entered into the drawing! I love reading your blog!

  7. Hi Mark , There is a saying --
    " The Earth laughs in flowers ! " Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Please enter me ! : )

  8. I'd love to enter the competition too. I would like to create a wildflower border in my allotment to attract butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects.


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