Monday 25 January 2016

Harvest Monday - 25th January 2016

Fresh vegetables from the garden are in short supply at present. Winter paid us a brief visit for a few days, bringing temperatures as low as minus 7 Celsius in our neighbourhood, though unlike many parts of the country, only a brief dusting of wet snow that didn't linger. The severe frost put paid to most of my Endives, but one or two of those under cloches are still hanging on. This one was really too small for harvesting, but I reasoned that I might as well pick it before it succumbed to the weather:

Along with a few leaves picked from the remaining Lettuces, and some bought-in Cress and Watercress, it made quite an acceptable salad.

Another Celeriac met its end in the kitchen too:

This one went into that "Pasticcio"-like dish I made on Saturday, along with some of my final batch of Carrots, which are still going strong.

The size of my Celeriac is still disappointing, but I am pleased that they are slightly bigger than anything I have previously produced (This is a figure of speech called "damning with faint praise"!) The taste is good though -very strong. I kept the leaves too, for use at a later date as flavouring for stock.

This is my contribution to Harvest Monday, hosted once more by Michelle at From Seed To Table, so please visit her site to see some more harvests.


  1. It seems to be well and truly winter for you now, but it's great that you are still eating from the garden. The celeriac was a gnarly looking thing! They are such an intimidating vegetable, both to grow and cook. My MIL loves celeriac but will not cook it, she just doesn't want to deal with all that trimming.

  2. I guess celeriac is one of those little-grown veggies in most gardens. I've eaten it but never grown it. I do grow endive here, but since my wife is not fond of it I don't grow it often.

  3. I would be more than happy with a celeriac that size.


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