Monday, 30 November 2015

Harvest Monday - 30 Nov 2015

It's nearly December, but produce is still coming out of the garden. Highlight of this week was the Brussels Tops, about which I have already written. They made a perfect accompaniment to that venison dish I did.

There are still chillis coming off my plants. "Aji Limon" is always one of the last to ripen fruit, but it's worth waiting for because it has a lovely citrussy taste.

We have more chillis than we can use at present (not to mention harissa and tomato-and-chilli sauce in the freezer)!

I'm also still harvesting Lettuce and Endive

One of the things I like best about having a veg plot in my back garden is that I can just nip out and pick some salad any time I like!

That's my harvests for the week. To see what others have got, head over to Our Happy Acres for Harvest Monday.


  1. You're still getting some great harvests. The advantage to having your veg plot in your back garden rather than an allotment is the convenience.

  2. I should try the Aji Lemon pepper next year - I do love anything citrus and they are so pretty. The long maturation time may be problematic, but you never know until you try. I wish I could nip out and pick greens whenever I liked, but lately they have been frozen more often than not - my window of opportunity is definitely becoming narrower.

  3. Lovely harvests this week. Those salad greens look so fresh and crisp, just perfect.

  4. It is at times like this when I really wish that our vegetable patch was just outside in our garden. We haven't managed to get to the plot again to do any harvesting this week and so I've had to rely on the freezer again.

  5. That's a beautiful salad presentation. And I agree that it is so nice to be able to go out to the garden and get whatever you need for a meal. Salad greens are really fresh that way. Those Aji Limons are so lovely. I look forward to growing them here this year.

  6. Your salad greens look really nice. I thought my endive and escarole would be more frost tolerant but even those greens are now dead.


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