Wednesday 2 December 2015


About two weeks ago I wrote that my Hellebores showed little sign of flowering, and were nearly submerged in a sea of soggy fallen leaves.

I removed most of the fallen Maple leaves, and trimmed off the old foliage from the Hellebores, giving them more light and diverting their energy into new growth. This is what they look like now. Lots of buds forming on new stems.

This next photo was taken on 7th November.

This is the same plant on 27th November.

They don't look very attractive just now, do they, all covered in soggy fallen leaves, but hopefully in a few weeks time they will give my garden a little splash of much-needed colour in the depths of Winter. Having said that, could someone please tell my Primulas that it is not actually Spring yet...

And the Alpine Strawberries haven't yet realised that Summer has finished.


  1. I'm looking forward to your photographs of hellebores in full bloom.:)

  2. If your strawberries were over here, they would definitely realize that summer is now long gone.

  3. Those photos could have been taken in my garden. My hellebore has got lots of buds but I'm hoping it soon flowers as it's my December plant of the month, if not, I'll have to buy something else. Only this morning I did a second take at my primulas when I caught sight of some blooms, the cowslips have been flowering for a while. I've also got fruit on my alpine strawberry, red fruit at that.

  4. The old foliage on our Helly bars ( speech recognition attempt at hellebores) needs cutting needs cutting back. I just need some decent weather so that I can do this and of course it depends whether I can actually see the leaves.

  5. Roses still blooming, first hellebores have been out awhile, some primulas out plus a very brave lupin. Ate the last of our tomatoes tonight.


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