Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Putting the Asparagus to bed

'Tis done. The cutting of the Asparagus fern, that is. It has gone from this...

To this...

I have left the "stubble" a bit longer than normal, so that I can be sure I know exactly where each plant is. I am gradually replacing my old raised beds with new, much sturdier ones, and the Asparagus bed is due for replacement next Spring. My intention is to try to transplant the best of the plants, like this one for instance, which put up a lot of spears. Bear in mind that what you see here is only the ones I didn't harvest.

I'm not sure whether this one will make the cut. Individually the spears it produced were fine (amongst the biggest, in fact), but there weren't many of them.

In a similar vein... At the weekend I did, as promised, collect-up some of the fallen leaves in my garden, but not as many as I had hoped. The leaf-sucker / blower contraption doesn't perform very well unless the leaves are completely dry - which they weren't. After stopping about half-a-dozen times to unclog the machine, I gave up on it and did some of the task by hand. It was hard work and I didn't have the energy (or willpower) to do much. Furthermore the hand-gathered leaves didn't get chopped up like the machine-gathered ones, so they wouldn't be so good for composting. Whole leaves break down an awful lot more slowly than shredded ones! I now have three big sacks of leaves in the garage. Any takers?


  1. That's another couple of jobs you can cross of the list. There's always plenty to do before winter truly sets in.

  2. I cut mine back a couple of weeks back, I was rather surprised just how much there was to cut & there were a couple of fresh spears too! It is rather damp out isn't it.

  3. What a shame to move them when they are just becoming established. I expect from a raised be it will be possible to dig out very large roots.
    I suspect they move better than the books say.
    Is there any possibility of building the new stronger beds in situ and leaving the plants in?

  4. What a difference between the two plants in the top photos. I have yet to cut down my ferns. I want to wait until they turn brown, but they are taking their sweet time.

    As for your leaf bounty, although I've never done it, leaf mould came to mind. When I looked it up, it looks as if your leaves would be perfect as you don't need to chop them up and they should be damp: http://www.saga.co.uk/magazine/home-garden/gardening/advice-tips/soil-improvement/how-to-make-leaf-mould. May be something to consider.

  5. Boys and their toys eh? I just have a pair of gloves with which to deal with the leaves.

  6. I haven't cut my asparagus bed back yet. I've never tried moving it, but I suspect it will be easier to get more roots in the raised bed like you have. It still sounds like a lot of heavy work though. I'd take those leaves but it is would be a long drive for me!


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