Sunday, 1 November 2015

Removing the nets

For the last several months all my brassica crops have been covered with anti-butterfly netting, but I think the nets have done their job now, so I have taken them off.

I think this will have several advantages. For a start it will improve airflow, which is important at a time when fungal diseases are common. By the way, the Clove spray I applied to my Brussels Sprouts the other day has had no discernible effect. In fact the fungus is even worse now!

Another benefit of removing the nets is that since access is easier, removing the nets has allowed / persuaded me to stake the smaller plants ready for the Winter gales. I had already staked the big PSB and Brussels Sprouts plants, but not the smaller Brokali.

I have now attached each plant to a sturdy bamboo cane, using a few turns of soft string:

This is the Brussels Sprout bed, also now uncovered:

I deliberately removed the nets on a dry day, so that they are not put away for the Winter in a wet condition. I have also been good and washed the aluminium poles before putting them away for the next few months.

I think it won't be long before I'm harvesting some sprouts:

After such a dismal rainy day on Friday, Saturday was dry, bright and for several hours sunny too, so the Brassicas have been enjoying their new-found freedom. You can almost hear them saying "Aaaahhh".


  1. Those sprouts are looking good, it won't be long now until you're harvesting some.

  2. When we decided to take the nets off brassicas at this time, wood pigeons devastated them. I guess you don't have a wood pigeon problem.

  3. I often wait longer than I should when it comes to tending to my plants in netted beds so both I and the plants enjoy the freedom when the netting can finally come off; Yikes - that fungus is looking pretty bad - hopefully it clears up for you now.


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