Monday, 9 November 2015

Harvest Monday - 9th November 2015

My harvests this week have been very meagre. Since I was away for part of the week, then sick for 36 hours, and then the weather turned bad, I have not been out in the garden much anyway.

The Summer crops, with the exception of the salads, have finished, and the Winter crops are not yet fully mature. The Endive probably counts as an Autumn crop for me, and we've had some nice ones. This one accompanied a steak and chips meal on Saturday evening:

We only eat the blanched inner leaves, so one plant is usually just enough for one - possibly two - meals for the two of us.

Maybe this can qualify as a harvest? My first ripe "Alberto's Locoto" Rocoto chilli.

It's only one, but I have more coming along. I'm bringing them indoors to ripen them more quickly. When I have enough I'll cook something with them.

Picking just the odd one or two chillis each day soon adds up when you have as many plants as I have:

The ones along the top of that tray are the Brazilian Starfish ones, mostly still green. They are not very exciting, in terms of flavour, at the green stage, so I will let them ripen before I use them.

Well that's all I have to offer for this week's Harvest Monday. I think you had better go over to Dave's site at Our Happy Acres to see if someone else has produced anything more impressive!


  1. Things are winding down for sure now, though it won't be long until the winter crops are ready and then your harvests will improve again.

  2. I'm still waiting for my winter crops to get to the edible stage too. I had to do a little research on the Alberto's Locoto Rocoto, and it sounds like an interesting plant. Is it your first year growing it?

  3. The endive looks nice. I was hoping mine would survive that first freeze but they are looking pretty sad. I, too, had to look up the Alberto's. Seems most of the seed sources are European, so it's a variety not popular in the States for some reason. They kind of look like olives.

  4. You still beat our harvest this week hands down. We haven't harvested anything as we haven't been to the plot at all. Wehave been busy decorating my sister's living room. We haven't even had lunch at home and so no salad leaves have been picked either.

  5. I would love to be able to harvest an endive like that now, I've got a total lack of salad greens at the moment.

  6. I would think that the Rocoto chilli definitely qualifies as a harvest - I'm sure even on it's own it would add some good zip to whatever you add it to.

  7. Sorry to hear you were sick, hope you are feeling better. That's some nice endive!


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